Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tiny Dancers

My thoughtful husband bought me a tiny model when he went shopping on Saturday thinking I didn't have one. Low and behold, I had 2 already, so we added the the new one to the growing tiny model family I have. So, I had to paint them!
"Tiny Dancers" 8 X 10" Acrylic on Canvas
T: 3:00 hrs.

Light Study

These are the pine trees that line our driveway. The sun was casting such great shadows and I really tried to capture it!

"Light" 10 X 8" Acrylic on Canvas
T: 2 Hrs

Gerber Daisy

I know its a little Cliche, but everyone loves a "Gerber Daisy!"

"Gerber Daisy" 10 X8" Acrylic on Canvas
T: 3:25 Hrs.

Bell Peppers

Wow, trying to fit in life along with painting a day is becoming quite interesting! I had to break down and go shopping yesterday, there was no food in the house! Proof I bought food - at least bell peppers!

"Bell Peppers" 10 X 8" Acrylic on Canvas
T: 2:00 Hrs

Good Morning!

My morning cup of tea!

"Good Morning!" 10 X 8" Acrylic on Canvas
T:3:00 Hrs

Kitchen Flowers

"Kitchen Flowers"8 X 10" Acrylic on Canvas
T: 3:00 Hrs.

Pin Cushion

Its been pretty challenging trying to fit in these painting during the holiday weekend! My house is trashed but "Hey" I'm Still Painting!"

"Pin Cushion" 10 X 8"Acrylic on Canvas
T; 2:45 Hr.


"Window View" 8 X 10" Acrylic on Canvas
T: 2:45 Hrs.


"Mango" 10 X 8" Acrylic on Canvas
T: 1:45 hr.

Sunday Morning Mango!

Anyway, Bob Ross I am not! This painting took a good 3 hrs! I got myself into a bit of deeper water than I wanted and took on something a little to complicated for me to complete in an hour or 2. I love detail and the plate had so much cool stuff I couldn't resist.
Well, I did finally get to eat the mango and it was GOOD! "Sunday Morn Mango" Acrylic on Canvas 10 X 8"
T: A good 3 hours!


This was one of the carnations Jessica got me for Mother's Day!

Carnation" 8 X 10" Acrylic on Canvas (Time: 3 hours)
Painted Thurs. May 22

My first Daily Painting-Oranges

This is the first of my "Daily Paintings" I decided to start this challenge to improve my painting skills and help me get rid of the dreaded "Blank Canvas" syndrome that happens from time to time.

"Oranges" 10 X 8" Acrylic on stretched canvas
T: 3:00 hrs. plus some!