Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dandelions Painting!

Hi Everyone! I hope this comes through OK.

"Dandelions" is not part of my "Painting A Day" series, but a new painting I did last month. The dandelion is so underated and thought our lawn looked so pretty will all those fuzzy yellow dots! So I laid down in the lawn and took a super close up picture of a really bright yellow one and was amazed at the beauty of this weed! They are such a happy little weed! I just had to paint them!
I will be back at "Painting a Day" in a couple of weeks,
but till then I will try to squeeze in a few here and there.
"Dandelions" 24 X 20 " Acrylic on Canvas
Dandelions is on display right now at the HVCA Gallery in HIghland thru the month of June.