Thursday, July 2, 2009

Joelle's Cake

Joelle's Cake 9" X 7" oil on canvas

This is a scratch and sniff painting!

JUST KIDDING!!!!My husband's sister, Joelle, made him this amazing decadent chocolate cake for his birthday. It was so amazing that I took a picture right after Doug cut the first piece. The cake has chocolate pudding & other secret ingredients. The outside is crumbled cake pieces! This is a chocolate lovers dream.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Row, Row Row Your Boat!

Michigan Rower 11" X 5" oil on canvas

This is another painting from the DSFDF challenge. I just love doing these painting challenges, they make you paint things you may have never considered painting. Its such a great learning experience! I slightly modified this before posting it here. I felt the boat was too dark so I lightened it up a hair.

A New Computer!

Well, I haven't been posting because I have going through he*!! with getting my Adobe programs switched to my new Mac computer - which I love by the way! Adobe has their Suites so locked up and if your not using CS4 then they make sure you wish you were. I am at CS2 level and because of this they could not authorize my serial number. They had me on hold for about an hour yesterday in which I then hung up. After more hours today and digging up the serial number to my Photoshop 7 from 8 years ago!!!!!! - They finally authorized me to move my Creative Suite to the new computer. I was about to just give my graphic design business and say forget it. They want you to upgrade, but who has the money right now? Not me..... from the Detroit area where there aren't any jobs!!!! OK, I'm done ranting. I feel better.

I hope you enjoy the paintings, I hope to send another your way this week.