Monday, October 5, 2009

Laguna Beach

Laguna Sunset 20" X 16" Oil on Canvas

Another sunset from my Laguna Beach Photos. I really wanted the glow of this amazing sunset to be featured along with the vibrant color in the clouds and sky. Wish I was there right now! Catalina Island in the distance. This a view from the opposite direction of the last painting post.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Catalina Sunset

Catalina Sunset
14 X 11 Oil on Canvas

This past January I was in California and took a picture of the sunset at Laguna Beach. On the horizon is a faint outline of Catalina Island. The sunset is sooooo beautiful there. I was apprehensive about painting this scene because the beauty is so intense. Here is my effort.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Yellow Stone Landscape -Heiner Hertling Workshop!

11" X 14" Oil on Masonite
Yellow Stone Park, Grand Tetons (Day 02)

14" X 11" Oil on Masonite
Yellow Stone, (Day 01)

Heiner Hertling Workshop
Your Brush With Nature

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to take a 2 day workshop with Heiner Hertling, the artist who hosts the PBS show, "Your Brush With Nature"! It was such a great learning experience. We worked on landscapes and techniques to prepare us for plein air painting. This is something I really would like to start doing. We completed a finished piece each day. These are the paintings we completed. Both are scenes from Yellow Stone National Park

What I loved about this workshop was learning to paint with a large brush and not worry about the details. We focused more on shapes, color and values.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Main Street Art Bev Larsen Featured Artist!

This month Main Street Art in Milford, MI will be featuring my paintings in their front window!

I am very honored & excited to have my art work displayed in their gallery . If you haven't seen any of my original pieces and are in the area please stop by and check them out. Its a great gallery, filled with wonderful artwork by local and national artists along with framing, art supplies and great gift merchandise.

Main Street Art is located at:
432 N. Main Street
Milford, MI 48381

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sprinkle Row

10 X 8 oil on canvas
This is my submission for the DSFDF challenge. It really went along with my theme of recent paintings! I was a bit nervous about attempting this one, but once I got started it was much easier than I thought. I am glad I did it. Like I said before, DSFDF challenges me to paint things I would never have considered. It is such a great learning and expanding excersize!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Strawberry Row

Strawberry Row 22" X 16" Oil on Canvas

I had so much fun painting the apples that I thought I would do same with these strawberries. Its a little smaller painting, but I still like the graphic boldness to it. I may continue doing this as a series. I am working on the DSFDF project right now with the cupcakes, which incidentally is in the same fashion as these last two paintings! I may have to add it to my series!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I finally got a break this weekend and was able to do a painting! These beautiful red apples were just calling me and they wanted to be big! So these are painted on a 28' X 22" canvas. It felt really good to get a painting done. I have been very busy with my graphic design business (which is also not a bad thing), but really needed to to chill out and do a painting. I really like they way it turned out and this one is definitely one of my favorites!

P.S. I ate the apple on right when I finished!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cats Out of the Bag!

Yes, its true! The Cats out of the Bag! Just thought I'd share some funny pictures of my cat, Toonsis and his sleeping habits!

Sorry I don't have any paintings right now, I am in an art festival this weekend and will be back painting after next week. Its been crazy this weekend with lots of rain! Hopefully tomorrow will be better though the temps are supposed to reach in the 90's!

See you in a couple of weeks!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tea with Grapes!

6" X 6" oil on canvas

Those darn grapes just keep popping up everywhere! LOL! Another quick study on canvas. I'm not sure if I will even call this done. I wanted to limit my painting time so I stopped here. I kind of like it right now, but I will decide tomorrow. Sometimes you need to step a way for awhile to really get an idea of what it needs or if its fine. Because this is small, I really didnt't want to much detail and I wanted it to be more expressive.I think I am really starting to favor the hardwood boards to paint on instead of canvas now!

Sunday, July 26, 2009



7" X 5" Oil on Canvas

This is a quick little study I did this morning on another one my most favorite fruits! Doing this on canvas right after painting on the masonite is an adjustment. Because there is so much tooth to the surface quick paintings seem to have a more painterly look. Here I forced myself not to blend to much which is really hard for me to do.

Fruitful Painting

"Fruitful"10" X 8" oil on masonite board

Grapes are one of my favorite fruits and I do love to paint them. They are so fun and full of light. I painted this on gesso'd masonite type board, and really do like the smooth finished look of this piece. When I painted it yesterday, I wasn't crazy about it, but today when I looked at it, it really popped for me. I have to get used to the surface. Its' really slippery compared to canvas.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lake Huron "End of the Day"

"End of the Day" 11" X 4" Oil on Canvas

"End of the Day" Detail

This painting was taken from a picture I took 4th of July weekend at the end of the day on Lake Huron. Our poor umbrella just couldn't hold up any longer and looked so tired! Needless to say we had a great bonfire that night on the beach with fireworks, guitars and friends!

This painting will be available for purchase soon.

Sunflower II (Farmer's Market)

I just wasn't satisfied. I just felt it wasn't done and it wasn't my vision yet. After looking at it for a while and getting some great advice from my good friend and fellow artist, Barb, I decided to revisit the "Farmer's Market". I feel so much better now.

I reworked the top right corner of the background and added some large leaves in front. I also added more detail to the sunflowers.

I know I was trying not to add to much detail and wanted to focus on color and values, but I just felt they really needed more work.
Its not a major change but I think enough to make the painting complete in my eyes. Below are some close ups of the painting

This painting will be available for sale on ebay soon!

I am leaving the old images below on the this blog, because everything we do is a learning experience. If someone can learn or take away something useful from my own learning experience (or mistakes) then I am a happy person and nothing is wasted!

Cheers! Bev

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Farmer's Market

Farmer"s Market 24" X 18" Oil on Canvas

Its funny how certain subjects dictate a certain size. For me the sunflower dictates large. Its such a commanding flower that requires space and attention. That is why this painting was done on a larger canvas; 24" X 18"

This was painted from a photo I took in Chicago during one of their many farmer's markets. There was this long row of these outstanding sunflowers! I modified it from the photos slightly only for compostition sake.

I am working on trying to loosen up my painting style. I concentrated on value and color in this composition and left out a lot of the detail I would have normally put in. I am hoping to capture the light and the feeling of this farmer's market by placement of values and color. I also tried to slow down my painting and to calculate each brush stroke. So each stroke has a purpose. That is so hard to do! I am so used to get right in there and painting away sometimes not realizing what I'm painting. Painting more deliberately, I made less mistakes and used less paint brushes. I also really tried to keep to a specific palate of colors. I am still not used to mixing colors ahead of time and found myself mixing paint with my brushes.

Below are images of my process. I thought this would be a good learning experience for myself to, to see how I progress and where I am going. I thought you may enjoy these photos too.

Finished Piece

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Garden Wall

"Garden Wall" 16" X 14" Acrylic on Masonite

This was a painting I did a couple of weeks ago during the Milford Garden Walk. Local artists were painting in the featured gardens that were on the tour. I started it there as a plein air, but threating weather and rain drops forced me to finish in my studio. I was sort of glad. I am so out of sorts painting plein air because I do not do it enought. It was so hot that day and my acrylics were drying faster than I could use them. Of course I forgot my spray bottle to keep them wet. Anyway the finished piece was a success and the garden owner purchased it!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Joelle's Cake

Joelle's Cake 9" X 7" oil on canvas

This is a scratch and sniff painting!

JUST KIDDING!!!!My husband's sister, Joelle, made him this amazing decadent chocolate cake for his birthday. It was so amazing that I took a picture right after Doug cut the first piece. The cake has chocolate pudding & other secret ingredients. The outside is crumbled cake pieces! This is a chocolate lovers dream.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Row, Row Row Your Boat!

Michigan Rower 11" X 5" oil on canvas

This is another painting from the DSFDF challenge. I just love doing these painting challenges, they make you paint things you may have never considered painting. Its such a great learning experience! I slightly modified this before posting it here. I felt the boat was too dark so I lightened it up a hair.

A New Computer!

Well, I haven't been posting because I have going through he*!! with getting my Adobe programs switched to my new Mac computer - which I love by the way! Adobe has their Suites so locked up and if your not using CS4 then they make sure you wish you were. I am at CS2 level and because of this they could not authorize my serial number. They had me on hold for about an hour yesterday in which I then hung up. After more hours today and digging up the serial number to my Photoshop 7 from 8 years ago!!!!!! - They finally authorized me to move my Creative Suite to the new computer. I was about to just give my graphic design business and say forget it. They want you to upgrade, but who has the money right now? Not me..... from the Detroit area where there aren't any jobs!!!! OK, I'm done ranting. I feel better.

I hope you enjoy the paintings, I hope to send another your way this week.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Speed Racer

10 X 8 oil on masonite

Ok, this one was already painted in my head when I looked out the window and saw Doug cutting the lawn. It's a job and it has to be done. It's like laundry, it never goes away and we just can't get to excited about doing it! LOL! Doug by the way was not real enthused having me do a painting of him cutting the grass! I on the other hand, thought it was priceless! Hee! Hee!

Two Of A Kind

"Two Of A Kind" 8" X 7" Oil on Canvas
I have been inspired lately by oils. This is my first oil study in over 25 years! I really do miss them. Now that I have my studio with exhaust fans and great ventilation, I plan on painting in oils again. I need to get used to them, since they are quite different than acrylics.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Lucky Kiss!

My niece Tenley, trying so hard to get a kiss from "Lucky" the cat! I couldn't resist this adorable scene!

10 x 8" Acrylic on Masonite

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Dancin' A Temper

Again my sister standing on Hobe Sound beach while a storm is drawing near and the ocean is "Dancin' a Temper"! I didn't know how this would translate as a painting. I tried to not worry about detail and try to capture the feeling and the light. I am pleased with end result. Hope you are too!

10 X 8" Acrylic on Masonite

Friday, June 12, 2009

Here I go Again!

Ok, I'm really starting to like painting on Masonite type wood. I am now getting the bug to paint again, but this time to paint people, scenes, and places. So I decided to pick on my sister Lynne, for the subject of this painting study and the next one to follow. She is kind of my muse. She is always ready to pose for pictures for me or let me video tape her so I can practice video editing!

Anyway this picture was taken in Florida on Hobe Sound beach and its been sitting in my que to paint for a long time. I need to paint people and figures more. I haven't done this in quite a while since I've been concentrating on landscapes and floral. Don't worry, I haven't abandoned my florals or landscapes, I'm just switching up for a while.

I hope you enjoy the paintings!

7.5 X 10" Acrylic on Masonite

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Bounty

10 x 8 Acrylic on Gesso's Hardboard

A new challenge for myself... I decided to paint on gesso'd hardboard or masonite to keep costs down. Since the hubby has been laid off we need to conserve and I heard lots of great things about painting on gesso'd hardboard. Hardboard is inexpensive and you can purchase it at any hardware store, like Lowe's or Home Depot. It also preserves paintings very well because of its rigidness. Many historical painters, I have found, have painted on hardwood instead of canvas and their works have with stood the elements better!

This is my first piece experimenting with this new and strange surface. I am finding it a very different animal. Its like painting on your walls or on illustration board. The paint just soaks right up into the surface. On the contrary though, if you prep the gesso really smooth its like painting on glass and the paint just slides around.

That's sort of the beauty of this, you can prepare your surface how you like it. I am researching and working on finding my best prep surface and board type and will let you know what I have discovered in later posts.

In meantime I hope you enjoy the paintings!


P.S. My painting photo reference is from a challenge called "Different Strokes for Different Folks." A photo is provided and numerous artists create their rendition of the same photo! This is a great concept and I will be planning on hosting this challenge with my artists friends! Look for more info soon!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Assembly Line Concert-Guinness World Record!

For those who haven't heard about it... The Assembly Line Concert hosted by AJ's Cafe in Ferndale was the place where we made a Guinness World Record!

288 Hours of a Continuous Concert: Doug, John and myself aka, Completely Oblivious, Inc., had the opportunity to be part of this record making event by playing twice during the marathon. First on Sunday, March 22nd at 3 AM then on Thursday March 26th at 7 PM.

(The Assembly Line concert brought two worlds together as the music marathon paid tribute to American workers, products and automobiles. The Assembly Line called on musicians from all segments of society to come together in the heart of hard-hit Main Street America and help pay tribute to the down, but not out, American worker. Governor Granholm did make her visit along with Martha Reeves, Stewart Francke and many other local celebs! visit

The current record as of Monday, Jan 5, 2009 at 5:30 AM
for the
longest concert by mulitple artists was 216 hours at the
3rd Balatonf├╝red International Guitar Festival
in Balatonf├╝red, Hungary

As of Tuesday, March 28th, 2009, the old record has now been surpassed by a 288 Hour
continuous concert at AJ's Cafe in Ferndale! MI!

We are now just waiting for the authentic certificates from Guinness. How exciting to be part of a world record! This also gave our guitar pick company Pointless Picks® some great exposure! Oh, yes, we are officially registered! I will post some cool pictures soon!

Take Care, Bev

Friday, February 27, 2009

Cone Flower & Blackeyed Susan

A couple more wild flowers added to the series!

Each of these wild flowers is painted on gallery wrap canvas, meaning they are painted on all 4 side. You could hang them with or without a frame!
Each painting is priced at $125.00 and can be purchased by emailing me here:

Cone Flower 8 X 10 Acrylic on Canvas
$125.00 (Does not include shipping)

Blackeyed Susan 8 X 10 Acrylic on Canvas
$125.00 (Does not include shipping)

Sunday, February 22, 2009


This painting was done from a reference photo I took in the summer. These beauties hang out around the trees by our bon-fire pit in our yard. I can't wait to see them again! I can't wait till we can have bon-fires again! This winter is really getting to me!

Lily 8 X 10 Acrylic on Canvas $125.00
(Does not include shipping)

Lily Of The Valley

Lily of the Valley 8 X 10 Acrylic on Canvas
$125.00 (Does not include shipping)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Trillium & Wild Sunflower Paintings!

A Couple New Paintings
added to the Wild Flower Series

Trillium, 8 X 10 (Acrylic on Canvas)
$125.00 (Does not include shipping)

Wild Sunflower, 8 X 10 (Acrylic on Canvas)
$125.00 (Does not include shipping)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Getting My MOJO Back!

Its been a while since I did my painting a day series. Between the holidays, art shows, working, and marketing Pointless Picks for our company Completely Oblivious, Inc. the time just flew by.

So... I decided I need to get my painting MOJO back!

Since I do have a solo show coming up in March, Thank You HVCA!, I want to create more pieces to go with my 8 X 10 Michigan Flower Series. All my paintings will be acrylic 8 X 10's but larger than life!

This is first piece I have done since fall and will try to get a few paintings done a week this month. You will get a sneak preview of these paintings on my blog and I hope you enjoy them.

This is small purple wildflower that blooms in the spring. I think it is part of the flox family. I need to research it. It grows in field like conditions but also shade and wooded areas. I found these in the woods next to our house and behind our barn.

$125.00 (Does not include shipping)

Some Show Details: See below - Look for more info to follow

Huron Valley Council for the Arts
Gallery Exhibit

CAPTURE light, The Artistry of Beverly Zajac-Larsen
With music by Doug Larsen

205 West Livingston Rd

Highland MI 48357

Phone (248) 889-8660

The show & sale opens on Friday, March 6th. A reception with light refreshments and live music will be held from 7-9PM. The show runs until March 29th, 2009.