Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunflower II (Farmer's Market)

I just wasn't satisfied. I just felt it wasn't done and it wasn't my vision yet. After looking at it for a while and getting some great advice from my good friend and fellow artist, Barb, I decided to revisit the "Farmer's Market". I feel so much better now.

I reworked the top right corner of the background and added some large leaves in front. I also added more detail to the sunflowers.

I know I was trying not to add to much detail and wanted to focus on color and values, but I just felt they really needed more work.
Its not a major change but I think enough to make the painting complete in my eyes. Below are some close ups of the painting

This painting will be available for sale on ebay soon!

I am leaving the old images below on the this blog, because everything we do is a learning experience. If someone can learn or take away something useful from my own learning experience (or mistakes) then I am a happy person and nothing is wasted!

Cheers! Bev

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