Sunday, August 30, 2009


I finally got a break this weekend and was able to do a painting! These beautiful red apples were just calling me and they wanted to be big! So these are painted on a 28' X 22" canvas. It felt really good to get a painting done. I have been very busy with my graphic design business (which is also not a bad thing), but really needed to to chill out and do a painting. I really like they way it turned out and this one is definitely one of my favorites!

P.S. I ate the apple on right when I finished!


Krista Hasson said...

Very nice, I really like the composition. Great depth

Beverly Zajac-Larsen said...

Thank You Krista, I really appreciate your comment! This one was quite a bit larger compared to what I have been painting. It felt good to paint large this time.

Kerri Settle said...

Hi Beverly! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting. I'm now a follower! I absolutely love your still life paintings of lines of fruit; the apple painting has a great feeling of texture that I'm really drawn to.